1. In what way will the design of your course speak to the Engagement principles and enable students to develop the habits of mind embodied in the Engagement descriptions?
  2. How will your course assignments and assessments equip students to frame scholarly inquiry, analyze problems and create knowledge?
  3. How will the ethos you cultivate in your course encourage the flourishing of the self in your students?Outcomes
  4. Intentionality – Faculty
    • The statement(s) made by faculty as to the purpose, value, and outcomes of a learning experience
    • The strategies used by faculty to create learning experiences in which their students realize the purpose, value and outcomes of a learning experience
    • How are you individually and as a cohort expressing your intentions for the Engagement courses?
  5. Intentionality – Students
    • Students are intentional learners when
    • They decide to engage in committed, persisted learning effort (self-motivation)
    • They demonstrate the ability to apply and manage cognitive efforts to achieve goals (self-direction)
    • They take responsibility for autonomous learning
    • What can you do to encourage your students to be intentional learners?